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[Podcast] Mastering Events: Mike Mauer (SaveLive, Sparrow)


I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Rod Yates from Audience Republic for an enlightening chat on their Mastering Events podcast. We dived deep into the world of event marketing, reflecting on my journey through the industry, the pivotal lessons I’ve learned, and the innovative strategies that have helped me maximize ticket sales along the way.

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Starting my career in the events industry back in 2008 with an internship at the Webster Theater in Connecticut was a leap of faith that set me on an unexpected path. From there, my career took me through various roles at Huka Entertainment, White Oak Music Hall, and Stage Right Entertainment, to name a few, giving me a front-row seat to the evolving landscape of event marketing.

One of the key insights I shared with Rod was the importance of data analytics in understanding and engaging your audience. The journey from gathering basic demographic information to leveraging sophisticated data sets for targeted marketing has been a game-changer. It’s fascinating how much you can learn about your audience’s preferences and behaviors, enabling you to tailor your marketing efforts for maximum impact.

During the chat, we covered a lot of group, like my work with Hogs for the Cause, a festival that combines music, food, and community to raise funds for pediatric brain cancer. Hogs taught me the power of storytelling and community engagement in driving the success of an event. It’s not just about selling tickets; it’s about rallying people around a cause and creating a shared experience that leaves a lasting impact.

Of course, no journey is without its missteps. I recounted a particularly memorable mistake involving the accidental announcement of Sia as a headliner for the Pemberton Music Festival due to a WordPress error. While it was a moment of panic at the time, it’s become a valuable lesson in the importance of attention to detail and the unpredictable nature of event marketing.

Looking back at my conversation with Rod, it’s clear that event marketing is both an art and a science. From understanding the psychological drivers behind ticket purchases to the technical aspects of digital marketing, it’s a field that requires creativity, analytical skills, and a willingness to learn from every experience.

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GoForMike Event & Festival Hullabaloo. Words by Mike Mauer.

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