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3 Simple Marketing Tricks to Beat The Competition


Event marketing is hard work … …That’s one hell of an understatement.  These days, the event market is more crowded than ever before. You have to do whatever it takes to stand out from the pack.  A big part of that is keeping a close eye on what your competitors are doing so you can: (a) take advantage of holes in their strategy (b) take the things they are doing well and...

Q & A: Zen & the Art of Positioning


How to beaT the competition: Positioning The following is an excerpt taken from the excellent Festival Marketing Facebook group.  I plan to elaborate on my answer soon, but want to post this snippet in the meantime. the Question: Good Afternoon everyone, Had some quick questions and all feedback is appreciated: What are some solid marketing/promotions strategies for events in areas that have a...

Oops I Did a Russia Thing: Lessons Learned from Hacking Facebook


FLASHBACK TO 2014…. The world was a more innocent place. Back before kids were crushin’ Tide Pods for lunch, when Dumb Starbucks was making waves, and Cambridge Analytica was just opening its doors. The nascent data company started scraping user information from Facebook to later sell to the Trump organization and Russian operatives.  It was a bold move, morally questionable, and...

Discounted tickets: Just say no.


A quick pricing strategy tip: Don’t discount your tickets! I often see underperforming festivals resort to slashing their ticket prices. It makes sense at first…if sales are sluggish, why not try to lower the price just to get people in the gates? Then at least you can collect ancillary revenue when they arrive on site (bar, food, parking, etc). This is a terrible idea. For one, you...

Mastering the Media Mix


One crucial concept in an effective festival advertising strategy is nailing down a proper media mix. Your media mix is the careful balance of advertising across ALL channels — social, TV, PPC, Radio, Print, etc This is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT aspects to your festival’s campaign. Why? Stickiness/penetration doesn’t just come from repetition.  People ignore ads constantly, which means TONS of...

8 Bulletproof Display Ad ideas for your Festival Marketing Strategy


Display sometimes gets a bad rap, but with a little strategy, you could see some really great results. Here are 8 high performing ideas I’ve used on nearly every festival I’ve worked on: CONVERSION ADS AKA How to Use Display to sell tickets. Connecting your Google Adwords account with your Google Analytics account will allow you some powerful targeting options: Highly interest...

A 50%+ Email Open Rate? Yes, please!


Here’s how I got a 50% e-mail open rate, clicks & sales without breaking a sweat. It’s one of the quickest & easiest email tips I’ve used to consistently deliver a high ROI: Set up a “welcome series” for any new e-mail subscribers. It’s simple, but often overlooked. ‍ You can do this in just a few hours using content you already have. Remember, new...

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