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Is the era of the mega-fest dead?


We’re deep into the COVID-19 crises and it’s natural to wonder what things will look like on the other side.  Event professionals are struggling with a completely decimated industry and are looking towards the long road of rebuilding ahead of them.  So what lies ahead? First a quick caveat – I don’t normally like to make predictions since it usually amounts to guesswork...

How to Price An Event: Part 1


Intro It’s hard to understate the importance of developing a rock-solid event pricing strategy.  Between the vast maze of challenges you need to navigate during the event planning process, your pricing is the first and most important.  Why?  It’s simple: before you are able to deliver a stellar experience, you need to actually get people through the doors. That said, it’s always a surprise to...

Ultimate Marketing Checklist: The Festival Lineup Announce


Simply put: Your lineup announcement is the most critical point during your festival season.  It’s the largest chance you have to deliver your message in a BIG way, get new eyeballs on your festival and generate significant momentum.  If done correctly, your public on sale following the announcement can generate up to 50% of your sales for the entire season (Hell, I’ve even sold out a festival...

How to Price An Event: Part 2 – Determining Your Value


Intro This is the second part of a three-part series on building a pricing strategy.  In this part, I’ll be diving into the details of how to determine your event’s perceived value.  If you need a primer before jumping into the deep end, head on over to How to Price An Event: Part 1 to learn about cost-plus pricing versus value-based pricing. I left off in the last section talking...

How to Price an Event: Raising Your Value (and Making More Money) [Part 3]


Intro This is the third and final part of my series on how to build a successful pricing model for your event.  In Part 1, I discussed the goals of a solid value-based ticketing strategy and why it’s so crucial to your event.  Part 2 dove into the details – namely, how to actually determine the central data point for your entire strategy: What is your event’s actual perceived...

4 Simple Marketing Tricks to Beat The Competition


Event marketing is hard work … …That’s one hell of an understatement.  These days, the event market is more crowded than ever before. You have to do whatever it takes to stand out from the pack.  A big part of that is keeping a close eye on what your competitors are doing so you can: (a) take advantage of holes in their strategy (b) take the things they are doing well and...

Q & A: Zen & the Art of Positioning


How to beaT the competition: Positioning The following is an excerpt taken from the excellent Festival Marketing Facebook group.  I plan to elaborate on my answer soon, but want to post this snippet in the meantime. the Question: Good Afternoon everyone, Had some quick questions and all feedback is appreciated: What are some solid marketing/promotions strategies for events in areas that have a...

Oops I Did a Russia Thing: Lessons Learned from Hacking Facebook


FLASHBACK TO 2014…. The world was a more innocent place. Back before kids were crushin’ Tide Pods for lunch, when Dumb Starbucks was making waves, and Cambridge Analytica was just opening its doors. The nascent data company started scraping user information from Facebook to later sell to the Trump organization and Russian operatives.  It was a bold move, morally questionable, and...

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