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Is the era of the mega-fest dead?


We’re deep into the COVID-19 crises and it’s natural to wonder what things will look like on the other side.  Event professionals are struggling with a completely decimated industry and are looking towards the long road of rebuilding ahead of them.  So what lies ahead? First a quick caveat – I don’t normally like to make predictions since it usually amounts to guesswork...

How to Price An Event: Part 1


Intro It’s hard to understate the importance of developing a rock-solid event pricing strategy.  Between the vast maze of challenges you need to navigate during the event planning process, your pricing is the first and most important.  Why?  It’s simple: before you are able to deliver a stellar experience, you need to actually get people through the doors. That said, it’s always a surprise to...

Ultimate Marketing Checklist: The Festival Lineup Announce


Simply put: Your lineup announcement is the most critical point during your festival season.  It’s the largest chance you have to deliver your message in a BIG way, get new eyeballs on your festival and generate significant momentum.  If done correctly, your public on sale following the announcement can generate up to 50% of your sales for the entire season (Hell, I’ve even sold out a festival...

How to Price An Event: Part 2 – Determining Your Value


Intro This is the second part of a three-part series on building a pricing strategy.  In this part, I’ll be diving into the details of how to determine your event’s perceived value.  If you need a primer before jumping into the deep end, head on over to How to Price An Event: Part 1 to learn about cost-plus pricing versus value-based pricing. I left off in the last section talking...

How to Price an Event: Raising Your Value (and Making More Money) [Part 3]


Intro This is the third and final part of my series on how to build a successful pricing model for your event.  In Part 1, I discussed the goals of a solid value-based ticketing strategy and why it’s so crucial to your event.  Part 2 dove into the details – namely, how to actually determine the central data point for your entire strategy: What is your event’s actual perceived...

4 Simple Marketing Tricks to Beat The Competition


Event marketing is hard work … …That’s one hell of an understatement.  These days, the event market is more crowded than ever before. You have to do whatever it takes to stand out from the pack.  A big part of that is keeping a close eye on what your competitors are doing so you can: (a) take advantage of holes in their strategy (b) take the things they are doing well and...

Q & A: Zen & the Art of Positioning


How to beaT the competition: Positioning The following is an excerpt taken from the excellent Festival Marketing Facebook group.  I plan to elaborate on my answer soon, but want to post this snippet in the meantime. the Question: Good Afternoon everyone, Had some quick questions and all feedback is appreciated: What are some solid marketing/promotions strategies for events in areas that have a...

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