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Discounted tickets: Just say no.


A quick pricing strategy tip: Don’t discount your tickets!

I often see underperforming festivals resort to slashing their ticket prices. It makes sense at first…if sales are sluggish, why not try to lower the price just to get people in the gates? Then at least you can collect ancillary revenue when they arrive on site (bar, food, parking, etc).

This is a terrible idea. For one, you lower the perceived value of your festival — your prices should be going up as you approach the fest. Most importantly, though, you are punishing your most loyal fans who have already purchased tickets. Next year, they’ll be sure to wait until prices start dropping!

Instead of discounting, get creative with ADDING VALUE. Can you offer early entry to anyone who purchases before X date? Or maybe they get entry into a VIP upgrade contest? What about first-access to see new artist additions?

If you have to discount, do so strategically. The goal here is incremental sales — converting people who would have never otherwise even heard about the event (and keeping that discount away from your fans’ eyesight).

What new communities can you reach out to that don’t know about the festival? Veterans? Teachers? Sponsors, so they can entertain their biggest clients? How can you leverage new partnerships via your discount? This is where some services offered by Everfest, JusCollege, etc become super handy.

But please make discounting a last resort. Instead, if you can ADD VALUE to your buyers, you end up rewarding your most loyal fans, strengthening your relationship, and showing the rest of your audience the benefits of buying early.

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Hey there 👋 I'm Mike. This is my blog for event marketers, sharing what I've learned working with festivals, concerts and artists over the last decade.

One thing I learned along the way: Events are NOT about who's playing on stage. It's about the fans, the community, and the culture. So, how do you build that out of thin air? How do you activate your fans to buy tickets? How do you deliver a great experience, evangelize them and keep them coming back?

It all starts with a solid, comprehensive marketing strategy. That's what I aim to cover in my blog, and I'm hoping other people can find it useful!

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GoForMike Event & Festival Marketing Tips. Words by Mike Mauer.

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