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COVID Notes: Don’t leave the event industry! We need you.


To everyone thinking about leaving the events industry forever: Don’t. Instead, take this time to become the master of two worlds.

One of my favorite quotes comes from a random Quora post that Elon’s ex-wife happened to answer.

It got me thinking: Forget “T”-shaped skills, where you have broad knowledge in many disciplines (the top of the T) and deep knowledge in one (the vertical line of the T).

How about “H”-shaped?

The vertical lines represent deep knowledge in two fields and the horizontal line represents creativity, or the ability to bring existing ideas together to form completely new ones.

If you’re out of a job, I’m sorry. If you need to chase money, I totally get it. Do it in a way that builds out your “H”. This is an opportunity to develop new skills and build a bridge between two worlds.

The events industry needs you. Instead of leaving forever, bring back new ideas, skills, and ways to make it better. We’ll desperately need that creativity to rebuild when we emerge out the other side of this.

Quora Post: https://www.quora.com/Will-I-become-a-billionaire-if-I-am-determined-to-be-one-and-put-in-the-necessary-work-required

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Hey there 👋 I'm Mike. This is my blog for event marketers, sharing what I've learned working with festivals, concerts and artists over the last decade.

One thing I learned along the way: Events are NOT about who's playing on stage. It's about the fans, the community, and the culture. So, how do you build that out of thin air? How do you activate your fans to buy tickets? How do you deliver a great experience, evangelize them and keep them coming back?

It all starts with a solid, comprehensive marketing strategy. That's what I aim to cover in my blog, and I'm hoping other people can find it useful!

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GoForMike Event & Festival Marketing Tips. Words by Mike Mauer.

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