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A 50%+ Email Open Rate? Yes, please!


Here’s how I got a 50% e-mail open rate, clicks & sales without breaking a sweat.

It’s one of the quickest & easiest email tips I’ve used to consistently deliver a high ROI:
Set up a “welcome series” for any new e-mail subscribers. It’s simple, but often overlooked.

You can do this in just a few hours using content you already have. Remember, new subscribers haven’t seen your past e-mails, so feel free to re-use them. In less than one afternoon, you can build one of your most powerful e-mail campaigns.

Here’s my personal template (you can do this easily in almost any e-mail software):

Email #1 – “Thanks for subscribing” + Ticket amenities + Lineup
Immediately upon subscribing, your fan is the most receptive to sales messages. Take the opportunity to get right into the thick of it — What each ticket (GA, VIP, Super VIP, etc) gets you and the music lineup.

Email #2 (after 2 days) – Lineup Playlist + Past Highlights

If they don’t bite on e-mail 1, I soften my sales pitch by asking them to follow the official festival Spotify playlist. I also usually add in the recap video from the past year to help paint a picture of the on-site experience.

Email #3 (after 3 days) – New to this year

Now that they are familiar with the lineup and the vibe, show them the improvements this year brings. Added a stage? New food area? Introducing cashless RFID? More shade? Whatever it is, include it to get the fan thinking about *their personal* experience on site.

Email #4 (after 3 days) – Push to Socials

This is the last e-mail in the series and the softest pitch. They know about your festival, the lineup, the vibe in years past and this year. If they aren’t ready to buy yet, that’s OK! Give them a gentle nudge to follow your socials and get them further into your event’s ecosystem.

This may seem like a lot of e-mails but remember: you’re serving up valuable info throughout. My open rates and click-through rates stay super high through the entire campaign, so fans are clearly engaged. I do suppress this welcome series on days that I send out mass e-mails (Tuesdays) so as to not send 2 e-mails in a day.

Have you tried a welcome sequence? Did you see the same returns I see? Hope this one got you at least thinking about the possibilities!  Leave a comment below!

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Hey there 👋 I'm Mike. This is my blog for event marketers, sharing what I've learned working with festivals, concerts and artists over the last decade.

One thing I learned along the way: Events are NOT about who's playing on stage. It's about the fans, the community, and the culture. So, how do you build that out of thin air? How do you activate your fans to buy tickets? How do you deliver a great experience, evangelize them and keep them coming back?

It all starts with a solid, comprehensive marketing strategy. That's what I aim to cover in my blog, and I'm hoping other people can find it useful!

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GoForMike Event & Festival Marketing Tips. Words by Mike Mauer.

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